Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy for Run For The World. By using this website, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this privacy policy. Run For The World (RFTW; we; us; our) is committed to keeping all of its users’ data safe and private. The information that you provide to RFTW is used to provide you with the best possible experience of the website, services and products. We only ask for information that is truly necessary for the experience we would like to offer. Please read below to find out how we use your personal information and data.

All information that you provide on this website is entirely at your own risk. This is your personal data and therefore it is your choice for what you wish to provide. There is some information that is necessary to be able to use the functions of this website such as name, age, sex and location for your running category and leaderboard functions along with delivery address, email and phone number for delivery of your rewards.

You acknowledge that anything you post on the message boards on this website is entirely your decision. RFTW is not responsible for any information that you willingly provide. Any social media links that you share with your profile is also at your own risk. Only ‘friends’ can see these links so it is entirely your decision who you choose to make ‘friends’ with on the website.

We use ‘cookies’ (identifiers that transfer to your device’s hard drive so that we recognise your browser and track your usage on the website) to monitor your usage of the website. You are able to disable the use of ‘cookies’ via your web browser, however your experience of the website and the use of certain features may be inhibited.

In order to improve our website, products and services, we collect your data via use of ‘cookies’. ‘Cookies’ help us monitor time spent on different pages, number of page views and other statistics relating to your use of the website. This information allows us to adapt the website to make it more user-friendly and enhance your overall experience. We do not use ‘cookies’ to take data from your hard drive or any other source.

We have integration with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Strava and Google, and it is entirely your decision to use these features such as sharing pages and content to your favoured social media platform. Any data that you share to these platforms is at your own risk and will come under the specific privacy policies of those platforms.

By signing up to RFTW and creating a profile, you are agreeing to promotional and newsletter emails along with emails regarding the events that you sign up to such as when you have signed up to a new event, completed an event and when you are coming to the end date of an event. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can turn off the email notifications in your profile settings or click ‘unsubscribe’ on one of our emails.

Under the UK data protection laws, if you wish to have your data erased for any reason, please contact us on and we will sort it out for you.