How It Works

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual running event allows you to complete the event in your own time and place. Some events are to be completed in a single activity (run or walk), like a real event, whereas other events are long term challenges in which you need to accumulate many activities to reach a target distance.

Once you have completed the event, you will receive an email to let you know that we will be sending you your beautiful medal soon!

Types of Events

Solo Events - You can choose a distance to complete in one activity (like a real event), within the event dates, to complete these events.

Challenge Events - You can accumulate as many activities as you want within the event dates to reach your chosen target.

Open Events - These events have no timeframe. You can sign up and complete these any time you want. They can be either single activity or accumulation style. Please check the event info.

Free Events - These are practice events for you that are completely FREE and there will still be a reward!

Tracking and Syncing

You need to track your activity with a GPS app. We don't accept pedometers as we create leaderboards for each event and will need a proper distance and time saved.

If you use Strava, you can link your account to RFTW and your activities will sync automatically to your active events. If you use a different app, you can upload your activities by clicking 'Add Run' on our website and inputting the distance/time and image of your activity. We will give this a check before syncing it to your active events.

Please check the FAQs for how the syncing works in more detail.


We have lots of different themed rewards on offer for our events. These range from cool, funky medals, sophisticated medallions, stylish embroidery patches and also various types of running equipment. You will even receive a prize for completing our free events so there is a lot worth running for!

There will also be a lucky draw prize box for Solo and Challenge events. All runners who complete their chosen distance will be in the draw to win an extra prize of RFTW goodies with an rrp of £25!