Volcano Islands


General Rules

  • You can accumulate your total chosen distance at any time from signing up - there is no specific timeframe.
  • You can run/walk as many times as you want to accumulate all of your chosen distance.
  • If you are taking part in multiple accumulation style 'Open' events, only the first one you signed up for will be synced to until you have completed the distance for that first event. Syncing will then continue to the next event and so on.
  • You can run anywhere in the world as long as you can get a GPS signal.
  • To use the automated syncing, you must use a GPS running app and have it linked with Strava.
  • Your activity must be set as a ‘run’ or 'walk'.
  • If you do not use Strava, you can use our 'Add Run' feature to upload evidence from your GPS based app.
  • Pedometers are NOT allowed.
  • No cheating - Use of any form of transport other than your own body is not allowed. RFTW will check the results after each event and prizes will not be awarded to runners who are quicker than Olympians.
  • You cannot change distance category once you have entered the event however you may enter multiple categories if available.
  • Please note that only one Open style accumulation event will sync at one time.