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Begin Your Fitness Journey
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How To Get Started With Virtual Running

Create An Account and Find An Event

Join RFTW by clicking 'Sign Up' to begin your journey of participating in awesome virtual running events. You can browse all of our events by clicking on 'Events' in the menu.

Filter the events by 'Single Activity', 'Accumulation' style or by our currently active and upcoming events. Once you have found your next challenge, click 'Join event' and follow the instructions.

For several events, you will be able to choose a distance category that suits you! You can find all of your active and completed events by clicking 'My Events' in the menu. This will show you all you need to know to keep you motivated in your events.

Complete Your Event and Receive Your Reward

There are two ways for you to complete your event. Either sync your Strava account to your RFTW profile (Settings - Linked Accounts) or manually upload each of your activities.

If you sync your Strava account, all of your activities that are suitable for the event will be added to your RFTW profile automatically so you can relax after your run/walk. To manually upload your activity, click 'Add Run' in the menu and fill in the distance and time, along with a screenshot of your activity.

Once the activity has synced and you have completed your event, you will receive an email about the dispatch of your amazing reward! If in the UK, you should only be waiting a maximum of a week before you get your hands on the bling!

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Tag us in your activities and show off your rewards to be seen on our feed!

About RFTW

Welcome to RFTW! Our philosophy is to keep as many people as possible motivated to get or stay fit and healthy. Everyone has had times when motivation has been low so we all know how difficult it can be to get back into a fitness routine. Exercise has a huge impact on both our physical and mental health, so finding a way to keep on top of getting out there, whether it be a long run or even a short walk, is of great importance.

At RFTW, you can find your motivation to reach your first 5km distance without stopping all of the way up to training for your 100th marathon! We have a range of events that suit all abilities so whatever your starting point, we've got you covered. You can run, walk, hop, skip and jump your way to your goals with us and we are aiming to add cycling and other activities to our events soon.

The key at RFTW is to have fun and earn some awesome rewards on the way to your fitness goals. There are some extra targets such as increasing your RFTW profile level as well that will push you to keep going even when times are tough!